Denis Frèmond

Havre, Francia. 1950

        I had not always been a painter, not always wanted to be one, moreover. As a child I could not concentrate. I was a dreamer, always playing tricks, I could read a poem by Rimbaud on the tune of "Fly me to the moon", interrupt a history course to declare that never had the war been an olympic discipline or that Josephine de Beauharnais had set some chimpanzees on fire with armagnac. I was a student dreamer that gave unexpected speeches. A loony boy, yes, before everything else, this is the image that people had of me in high school. I would lead a brilliant carrier of sentimentalist. Perhaps I would be hesitant a while before resolving to myself that I would lean toward the music-hall or painting...                    

                                                                                                                                                   Denis Frèmond



  1. 2013 Galería Patricia Acal, Madrid.

  2. 2013  Galerie Ariel Sibony, Paris France

  3. 2012 Galería Patricia Acal, Madrid.

  4. 2012  Galerie Ariel Sibony, Paris France

  5. 2011 Galerie Ariel Sibony, Paris France

  6. 2009- 2010 Galerie Ariel Sibony, Paris France

  7. Sibman Gallery, Paris France

  8. Art London, Galerie Ariel Sibony

  9. 2006 – 2008 Galerie Ariel Sibony, Paris

  10. Art London, Galerie Ariel Sibony

  11. Art Miami, Galerie Ariel Sibony

  12. 2004 – 2006 St Art, Strasbourg, Sibman Gallery

  13. Art Miami, Sibman Gallery

  14. Art London, Sibman Gallery

  15. 2003 – 2010 Sibman Gallery, Paris France

  16. 1999 – 2005 Galerie Robert, Honfleur France

  17. Galerie Rolllin, Rouen France

  18. 1990 Salon d'Automne Paris

  19. 1987 – 2005 Galerie Corinne Le Monnier, Le Havre France

  20. 1987 Second album: Sentimental (Dargaud), 'Grand Prix' du

  21. Salon du Livre de Genève

  22. Received the 'prix du Meilleur Album' at the Festival de la Bulle d'Or

  23. at Lyon, and the 'prix du Premier Album' at the Festival d'Angoulême

  24. 1986 First Album : la grande fièvre (Albin Michel)

The World on a string

Óleo sobre lienzo

130 x 162 cm

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